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So, um, I have been working on something Isana suggested as a prompt on Runaway Tales over a year ago for almost exactly that amount of time. She requested superpowered Jaida (which, as that exists in canon, I took to mean superhero AU), and I'd planned to do one-shot stories for all of the main cast. It would have taken place at the beginning of that world's Dark Age (so basically think Watchmen, Hellblazer, anything Frank Miller, Youngbloods, ect. - things wherein "antihero" might be a generous term for the protagonists and everything is grimdark and poorly-drawn). Cliff's would have had to deal with his decision to be lawful good in a city where such a thing is getting rarer, Kristen's was about her life fighting crime in a court of law rather than the streets despite being quite powerful, and Cyprian's dealt with the aftermath of Jaida's story. I wanted it to have the optimism and hope of the Golden Age in a world where the Dark Age heroes were considered exactly that. I was going to finish them all and then release one story every Saturday morning for one month.

And then my computer died, and I had not backed anything up. 10000+ words, gone.

I've been trying to write it from scratch, but I'm not as passionate about it anymore. I just feel frustrated. I even tried to use music as a helping tool, but that failed me. So this is me, ragequitting.

But this is what I do have, if anyone's interested.

EDIT: Took out the song prompts. Sorry, posted while distracted.

Warning for incomplete snippets. )


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