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So I found myself with a bit of extra money recently, and bought a game I'd long been slavering over - Persona 4, an RPG for the PlayStation 2. I grew up on RPGs, but the Persona series has only recently caught my eye. In Persona 4, your allies acquire personas (basically, summons which allow you to perform special attacks - you can get as many personas as you please, on account of being "like the number zero ... empty, but full of infinite possibilities," which, intriguing take on the silent protagonist, Atlus) by fighting their ids personified. It's a fascinating concept, except you fight their ids without their help. So, for example, Yosuke attempts to figure out who did a slew of murders that have been happening recently due to the loss of a loved one, but when his id appears, it claims that all Yosuke really wants is the thrill of detection and suspense in a town where nothing ever happens, and damn everyone and everything else. Everyone has a side to them like that, the game says, and we should all accept it. I already think I know what my own would be like, so I started wondering what my characters' ids might be like. I usually find things out by writing them, so it's a consideration I would never have thought of before. I'll probably write to figure things out this time, too.

Persona 4 is an excellent game so far. Very hard, but very good. I barely skirted past Princess Yukiko's Castle, and the social links are all very likable and fleshed out. I'm very glad I bought it. <3


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