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* I'm working on the Helene + Vera prompt. Finally, I am unblocked!
* I was working on a FST for Jaida + Helene friendship in the high school AU. It has turned into a serial killer BFFs fanmix. I should really be more surprised.
* Check it out, I have found the best fanmix of ever! It is called Female Robbery, and it is a lady thief mix by Dangereuse, who has also made a great deal of fantastic mixes in the past. Please give it a listen!
* kjlrgkelrjg klertjfdk. SHADOW AND BONE. SHADOW AND BONE. I think I'm going to try to rec some YA novels, and you can expect incoherent praise for this book when I do.
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I have some observations and predictions.

I was asked for a Jem/Dawn fanmix, and I plan to make it. What I can only assume none of you know is that I was already working on individual mixes for both of those characters. You are gonna be so sick of Sour Times, Blather. You don't know it yet, and you might not even know the song, but you will.

The Little Mermaid FST is gonna be instrumental only. Is there any other way I could possibly make a Hans Christian Anderson Little Mermaid FST? Spoilers: no, there is not.

OT3s are hard. But not impossible, it turns out! I have at least one perfect song for Summer/Zack/Felipe and a bunch of good ones. This is actually better than I'm doing on the Ivy/Gina front, as tonally themed ficmixes are even harder than that.

Seriously glad I asked for these, though, because the douchebaggery factor this election is bringing just keeps on coming like it doesn't even fathom the concept of stopping. One day I will be thick-skinned enough that this stuff will glance off me, but this is not that day.
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An FST for Huang Mengli, with a surplus of angst. PB is Hu Ge, because today is not my day drawing-wise.

Isana, I am so sorry and I hope you like it.

feelgood by numbers | the go! team
(bb!Mengli: fun, cheerful, and carefree.)

a very precious time | gil scott-heron
Was there the faintest breeze
and did she have a ponytail?
And could she make you feel ten feet tall
walking down the grassy trail?
Was it your first love, a very precious time?
the nursery | clint mansell
country carnage | danny elfman
(or, the raid on Feiyu.)

end of the world | ben zeitlin, dan romer
(If it isn't everything you've ever known changing forever, what is it?)

to build a home | the cinematic orchestra
When the gusts came around to blow me down
I held on as tightly as you held onto me.
'Cause I built a home for you, for me
until it disappeared from me, from you
and now it's time to leave and turn to dust.
stars are stars | echo and the bunnymen
The sky seems full
when you're in the cradle;
the rain will fall and wash away your dreams.
Stars are stars and they shine so hard.
Now you spit out the sky because it's empty and hollow.
both sides now | joni mitchell
(Put this on here for exactly two verses out of the four. Like a boss.)

But now old friends are acting strange
they shake their heads, they say I've changed.

pay the iron price | ramin djawadi
(Mengli makes the choice to seek revenge.)

enemy | chris cornell

Every time I take another breath, I feel the sting.
Everyone around me seems so numb, I feel everything.
No prize, nothing I pay will make it all right.
Nothing I see will make it lose sight.
Nothing I take will make me sleep at night.
siblings of destiny | shigeru umebayashi
(Yuyan and Mengli don't want to fight, but peace isn't in the cards for them.)

cold as it gets | patty griffin
To the end of the earth, I'll search for your face,
for the one who laid all of our beauty to waste,
threw our hope into hell, and our children to the fire.
I am the one who crawled through the wire.
... I know a cold as cold as it gets,
I fight a war I may never see won.
I live only to see you live to regret
everything that you've done.
i need a defense | alexandre desplat
(She was trouble. Which was good, because that was precisely what he was looking for.)

(Or, a little Mengli+Lady Yeh 'clandestinely fucking shit up' music.)


painful memories | normand corbeil

(Headcanon: Mengli's wife and daughter are always there, just below the breastbone; like a good whetstone, they keep him sharp when it's difficult to be merciless.)


time is running out | murray gold
(Even if he survives the rebellion, he won't survive the disease. But he has last days to live out and a war to win.)

the final shore ~ ah, to meet again | yoko kanno
(Mengli's last fight, with the prince captive and the end in sight.)


the drowning plains | mychael and jeff danna

~ download ~

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What is not covered in that mix is that before the draft, Ragnar was a brilliant student at an institution used to train common citizens considering enlistment in the art of war. He was so good that he was hired on as a teacher himself.

You will never know how hard it was to resist including "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from the Mulan soundtrack in the mix. Never.
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So I was looking through my Motown collection for some super sexy love songs, like you do.

And I vaguely recall that For Once in My Life might be a good Conall/Yuyan song. Maybe. Because it's been a criminally long while.

And then I hear the lyrics:
For once in my life I won't let sorrow hurt me
not like it's hurt me before.
For once I have something I know won't desert me
I'm not alone anymore.
For once I can say "This is mine, you can't take it!"
As long as I have love, I can make it.

And I'm just

sitting here giggling and laughing

because, oh, Cyprian, your tears are my yellow sun.

So that's definitely going on Cyprian's mixed media. Just endless misery and Sorensen/Cyprian cockblockery and PTSD. SURE WHY NOT.

These are the current mixed media/ficmix projects, not including ones which are all completely compiled:
30's AU mixed media: Lysander's gang-centric | aiming for 13-18 songs (multiple songs for each prominent member + Jack Briggs, excepting Mashiro and Ragnar?).
Conall/Yuyan ficmix | aiming for 15-16 songs.
Ivy/Gina ficmix | aiming for 15-16 songs.
Mengli fanmix | aiming for 17 songs.
Vriska Serket fanmix | presently at 19 songs, currently glamorizing presentation.
Ivy EP | Planned 8-9 songs, will take down/not do if requested.
Abomination AU mixed media | 15-16 songs.
Possible Tohru Adachi from Persona 4 fanmix.
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 Give me four femslash pairings (your canon, my canon, an actual TM-ed fandom's) and I will pick one to make a fanmix EP for - six songs.
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1) Comment to this post, and I'll give you a prompt in the form of whatever song shuffles up next on whatever music player I've got going at the time.

2) Turn on the music player of your choice to shuffle, post this to your own journal and dole out prompts. No, you can't hide your shameful music. If it shuffles up, that's the gig.

3) Write/draw/whatever way you create for the prompt you've been given: post it. Again, no hiding the shame. Even if you think it's awful, post it.

4) Link your finished product to the prompt comment, because it's always lovely to see the results.'
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something more to keep on breathing for;
a bone deep fanmix

to have a home

fall behind me


the life and death of mr. badmouth

your rain (reprise)




liars lair

good day

never forgive me, never forget me


cry me a river (truth and soul remix)

where is my mind (bassnectar remix)

call me call me

in time *

before the war

" i used to dream about it / but never schemed or counted / on fantasies or wishes / it breaks a man to see what he misses / and so many nights i've prayed for a better life and a better day / i never thought it'd come true, it's finally here and i don't know what to do! / and i'm trying not to cry / this must be how it feels to have a home. "
" The hunt shall begin for the ones who are chosen to suffer / to suffer for those hungry fools of heresy / the process begins to silence the tongue of the liar / smashing the turbulent lies of blasphemy / I got your heart in my hands and it's pumping in my heated veins / no more doctrine suffocating / no more incendiary waiting / i take the hammer to you. "
" you drove me nearly out of my head / while you never shed a tear / remember, i remember all you said / told me love was too plebian, told me you were through with me / and now you say you love me / well, just prove you do / go on and cry me a river / i'd like to see you cry a river / 'cause i'm tired of crying over you. "

* Platonically! For the love of god, this song, but platonically!

 ~ Download ~


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