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Thought I could change the story;
didn't like the way it looked,
so I took my pencil and I
rewrote that whole storybook.
'Cause I was so angry, and oh, how I cried,
"Why oh why do I have to be Wednesday's child?"
- Vermillion Lies, "Wednesday's Child"

- Hans Zimmer, "This is Going to Hurt"

Wash the questions off my hands;
I'm the fate in no one's plans.
Strike me down,
give it everything you've got.
- The Sneaker Pimps, "Lightning Field"

If you dig under my feet,
you will find things that you don't want to see.
Things that I hide deep down inside;
a menagerie of the tragedy I caused and all of my flaws
and my demons are all that I can see.
Then what would you do, if you only knew?
- April Smith and the Great Picture Show, "Terrible Things"

This will never end 'cause I want more.
More, give me more, give me more.
... After the night when I wake up
I'll see what tomorrow brings.
- Fever Ray, "If I Had a Heart"

Now I do not know why you love me so.
I'm floating through your veins.
I sway you in a silken shroud;
in the end, I'm gonna swallow your heart.
- Susanne Sundfor, "Black Widow"

When your life has been a riddle
and you're trapped in the middle of
a rock and a hard place.
You're hard as nails,
you're cold as ice;
you've nothing to lose.
You roll the dice.
They'll never understand.
- Supreme Beings of Leisure, "Rock and a Hard Place"

And I'm not scared
of your stolen power;
I see right through you any hour.
I won't soothe your pain.
I won't ease your strain.
You've been waiting in vain.
- Blue Foundation, "Eyes On Fire"

I'm building an empire.
I'm building with the stars in mind.
I'm building an empire
that's one day gonna touch the sky.
- Alpines, "Empire"

Graceful animal,
how clumsy you can be!
I will make a mess of you
if you make a mess of me.
- Sarah Slean, "The Lonely Side of the Moon"

I don't know why you were so threatened by the entire universe.
You were on fire, tainted in this sun.
You ran against the raging wind,
decadent and drunken with desire.
Fooling the love of everyone,
your reverence in flames;
your eyes were golden and awake.
You were on fire.
- Keren Ann, "You Were On Fire" *

- Christophe Beck, "Sacrifice"

I'll be reborn someday, if I wait long enough.
I don't have to be afraid; I don't want to be afraid.
And you can't tell me what my spirit tells me isn't true, can you?
- The Mountain Goats, "White Cedar"

Keep it moving people, 'cause there's nothing more for you to see.
I'm just a jerk, but a hero's what I want to be.
- The Verve Pipe, "Hero"

* from Wen's point of view.
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