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The Water is Slowly Rising from darkfaerieclaw on 8tracks Radio.

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Please, fly home a message for me
And promise me to tell him, no matter what happens
Say that I am happy out here on my ocean
But I don't know where I've gone to
Tell him I'm singing my song
Holding my breath underwater
That I sank, but I arrived
Once I reached the bottom.
Kaizers Orchestra - Med En Gang Eg Nar Bann

A thousand sailors restless lie
'cause Davey Jones won't let us die.
You say that with the fish we sleep,
but there's no sleeping in the deep.
Ye Banished Privateers - The Drowned Waltz

I can hear the little fishes
under here whispering your most terrible name
under here, they've given me starfish for eyes
and your head is a big red balloon
Under here, your huge hand is heavy on my chest
Ute Lemper - Little Water Song

Ramin Djawadi - What is Dead May Never Die

Love was all that it could give
but it tides so other towns could live
They don't bury bodies from the drowned,
but they drowned our little town
We're like the lambs to its slaughter,
buried in water.
Dead Man's Bones - Buried in Water

When the wind died down the only sound
was the whisper of his dying words
"Beware don't stare at the Marie Celeste
This quest of ours is cursed."
Alabama 3 - Sinking

One with her hands open
"Don’t be afraid," she said
"No one will know it
just you and me
and when it’s over
I’ll go back."
Tori Amos - The Pool

How come I’m sinking so fast
With such a long long way to go
Sinking so fast
And still the water flows so slow
Jill Tracy - The Water Flows So Slow

Oh Margaret, the lapping waves are licking quietly at our ankles
Another bow another breath this brilliant chill's come for the shackle.
With this long last rush of air we speak our vows and sorry whispers
When the waves came crashing down, he closed his eyes and softly kissed her.
The Decemberists - The Hazards of Love IV (The Drowned)

Oh, you crawled out of the sea
straight into my arms.
Laura Marling - Crawled Out of the Sea (Interlude)

I held on tightly
but waves, they played like giants
water lions
Down down how I miss you now
A Fine Frenzy - Sadseasong

Keane - The Iron Sea

I'm going down to the devil's water
I'm gonna drown in those troubled waters.
Rennie Foster - The Devil's Water (Reprise)

Pockets full of stones
Lay me down
Let the only sound
Be the overflow
‘Cause they took your loved ones
But returned them in exchange for you
But would you have it any other way?
Florence + the Machine - What the Water Gave Me

The water is slowly risin’
The water, it just keeps risin’
The gates can’t take
The weight any more
The river is washing them away
We could swim back to the shore
Oh, the tide's so strong today.
Mark Growden - The Gates/Take Me to the Water

Now fishermen, they cast their nets like miners pan for gold.
And sailors push off from the docks and pray the gales will hold.
The sea just sits silently, but sometimes, she does more.
And someone weeps as her love sleeps safe upon the shore.
Great Big Sea - Safe Upon the Shore


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